How to Level Up Your Steam Account

Is your Steam level important? Is it worth trying to raise it up? If so what is the best way to do it?

What Does Your Steam Level Do?

Steam LevelsYour Steam level is just that little number that shows up on your profile that shows how much you do on Steam right? Yes and no, while to some users a higher Steam level won’t do anything for them, it can be very important to others.

The first benefits are the ones that Steam gives you directly for leveling up. Your friend list increases by 5 every time you level up. Every 10 levels you unlock an additional showcase for your profile and a +20% increase in your drop rate for booster packs.

You also have the more “social” benefits. People are more likely to trust a higher level account. The extra showcases are great for traders, community figures, or anyone that has stuff to show off. Some people use their Steam level as a way to verify their account(they keep their profile at a certain level and others will know any Steam account at a different level is a scammer/impersonator). And of course the simplest reason of all is that you just want to show off.

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